Zebra chairs!

Zebra Bean Bag Chairs from Ultimate Sack the Ultimate Animal Print Bean Bag

Zebra Bean bag chairs from Ultimate Sack are the new craze when it comes to bean bags. These wild "animals"are definitely safe, since they are stuffed with high-quality foam that molds to the shape of your body, unlike Styrofoam pieces, PVC pellets, or any kind of beans. These chairs were "mod" in the late 1960s and the 1970s and still cool today! And we really do mean COOL! Because of the shredded foam filling, a cool chair even cooler by making it super comfortable! No longer do you have to battle the heat of the Serengeti for a zebar ride, and better yet - in totla comfort!

And better yet, this bean bag doesn't have to smell like a wild animal! Our zebra print bean bag chair covers are machine-washable, so you no longer feel like you are on safari when you take this chair for a ride! Our BIG bean bags are far more durable than the what the competition has to offer, well equipt with hefty zippers and heavy canvas fabric. No need to worry about rips and spillage of out all that comfy foam. You can see our comparison page for more info. In addition, sice we are offering high quaility with a low price, your only worry is where to put your new Ultimate Sack. We, personally like our oversized bean bags in the rec room, entertainment room, bedroom, and even on the patio deck! These huge sack chairs make the most perfect addition as a kid's bean bag chair (stimulating your child's imagination!). Let us show you what kind of wild times out sacks can provide!

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