The Ultimate Pieces of Furniture

After reaching the height of their popularity in the 80’s and 90’s and quickly declining ever since, bean bag chairs are once again becoming some of the trendiest pieces of furniture you can have in your home or office. While they were formerly the furniture of choice for college dorms and were typically associated with being cheap and easily destructible, today’s bean bag chairs have taken on a whole different kind of appeal. While you can still find cheap bean bag chairs on the market today, they are nowhere near the high quality bean bag chairs offered by Ultimate Sack. Besides the high quality material we use, there are several other reasons that bean bag chairs are currently some of the hottest pieces of furniture to add to your home or office today.

Kid Friendly Furniture

Kids are full of energy, running from one spot to the next, and this also means that furniture can sometimes get a little beat up in the midst of kids just being kids. Bean bag chairs are perfect for kids, they’re easy to clean, take little maintenance, and can take quite a beating on a daily basis. As we have highlighted earlier here, these bean bag chairs are also perfect for kids with autism.

bean bag chair benefits

Easy to clean

As mentioned above, these bean bag chairs are easy to clean. Simply take the outside cover off and throw it in the washing machine, and fluff to dry. With some other bean bags chairs, taking the cover off will result in the bag losing its shape, but not so with the Ultimate Sack. Made with shredded memory foam, this is a piece of furniture that is constantly bouncing back to life when it looks a little flat.


The Ultimate Sack is much more comfortable than a typical chair or couch is. It is filled with memory foam that contours to your body, no matter what size you are, big or small; spending an extended period of time in one of these is much more comfortable than sitting on a couch filled with thin stuffing and springs. So whether you plan on spending the day gaming, or just watching football or movies, this is one piece of furniture that’s going to let you feel comfortable all day long.


The Ultimate Sack is the ultimate in portable furniture. It can go from room to room, or anywhere in a room, at a moment’s notice. We the Ultimate Sack there is no need to scratch up the floor moving a heavy piece of furniture, nor should you worry if a bulky piece of furniture is going to fit in a room or in a certain section of a room. The Ultimate Sack easily contours to its surroundings and is a cinch to move.


This is one of the best things about the Ultimate Sack; it is totally up to you as to how you want your Ultimate Sack to look. We have dozen of colors to choose from as well as types of fabrics. You’re not limited to what we have in our show room, the only thing you are limited to is what your imagination will come up with. We love to work with individual customers to find out exactly what it is they are looking for and produce that for them. Why be stuck with drab colors for the furniture in your office when you can easily change the whole look and feel of your office with a piece of furniture that you customized yourself!

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