Enjoy Your Wild Side With Tiger Print Bean Bag Chairs

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Tiger print bean bag chairs are great for dorm rooms, kid rooms, dens, studies, theater rooms and more. Bean bag chairs are fun, moveable, fun, comfortable, and did we mention fun? You can choose to purchase lower-quality bean bag chairs, or you can choose to purchase high quality foam-filled bean bag chairs from Ultimate Sack. If you want to live a bit on the wild side, then tiger print bean bag chairs are the answer!

Our bean bag chairs are foam filled. They ship in a neat little box. Once you work the foam as instructed on our website and in the instructions that come in the box, your sack will expand and become either a four, five or six foot bean bag chair for you to enjoy. The foam is some of the most comfortable foam you will ever sit on; it contours to your body.

The chairs are made from high quality canvas and feature strong zippers, making our bean bag furniture some of the most durable on the market. To top it off, we offer over sixty color and fabric options to cover the canvas outer liner of the bean bag chair. These covers are removable and machine washable for added convenience.

Tiger Print Bean Bag Chairs From a Real Contender

We began manufacturing Ultimate Sacks in our basement with a pair of scissors on our hands and knees. Since that time, we have developed our business, improved production and operate out of two warehouses. We now order foam by the truck load, and we continue to be successful and grow each month. We are still, proudly, the family-owned and operated manufacturer of the Ultimate Sack.

Compared to our biggest competitor, Love Sac, we feel our foam-filled bean bag chairs are the best. Why? For one, we offer bean bag chairs, dog beds, foot stools and more for a fraction of the price. Our products are made in the USA. Our shipping is free, no matter how few or many bean bag chairs and foot stools you order.

We have a straightforward warranty and return policy that does not require registration. Love Sac’s warranty is complicated, and if you do not register your product, you cannot have warranty coverage. Love Sac does make high quality products, but they cost twice as much as an Ultimate Sack bean bag chair. As you can see, Ultimate Sack is already a better value for your money than our biggest competitor.

We look forward to your purchase from us. Remember, we are able to save you money because you are buying directly from Ultimate Sack. We would also love to hear your reviews after you purchase and use your tiger print bean bag chairs. Get ready to have fun and live wild!

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