Large tiger print bean bag chairs bring out the animal in everyone!

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When Arnold was a little boy his parents got him two red bean bag chairs from Ultimate Sack. He loved those chairs when he was learning to walk, because if he fell on them it did not hurt, and he would laugh and laugh and fall on them again.

Red bean bag chairs for childhood

When Arnold started school, he began to make friends. Arnold and his friends would sit in the bean bag chairs and eat snacks. They made the bags into mountains to drive their toy trucks on, and forts to hide behind while they threw soft foam balls at each other. Later, when Arnold had to start doing homework, they were great comfy places to sit and read.

New covers allow the bean bag chairs to grow with Arnold

Then came the teen years. Arnold got into the Goth look, always wearing black; he still loved his bean bag chairs, but did not like the red. Fortunately for Arnold, his parents were cool, and Ultimate Sack sells covers for their bean bag chairs, so they became black bean bag chairs. They were cool, and Arnold and his friends slouched in them while they engaged in rebellious teen talk.

Because Arnold really did have cool parents, he made it through high school and got into a good college. He wanted to take his bean bag chairs to his dorm room, but black was no longer cool. Again, Ultimate Sack had covers for a reasonable price, so Arnold’s formerly red bean bag chairs got new covers, one leopard print and one giraffe, and Arnold had the coolest dorm room on campus.

Bean bag chairs and romance

When Arnold was in graduate school he met a girl who liked to sit in his bean bag chairs with him, and they spent many nights studying together. She liked the giraffe cover best, so Arnold let her sit in it while he relaxed in the leopard print bean bag chair. A few years later they were married, and a few years after that little Arnold Junior was born. One of his first pieces of furniture, after his crib, were the red bean bag chairs that his father had enjoyed so much.

Okay, we admit this is a bit idealistic, but at Ultimate Sack we are a family business, and our bean bag chairs are superior to any other because we make them with foam, not those annoying little bits of beads that end up everywhere. So check us out; we offer top quality, reasonable prices, and our website is easy to navigate. Come on by and make a story of red print bean bag chairs for your family!

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