Options for your Giant Bean Bag

If there is one thing most people are surprised about when they come to our site, it is the sheer number of options they have for their giant bean bag. After all, most people’s understanding of a bean bag is incredibly limited. Either they think of some overpriced thing that comes in one of three colors from somewhere in Singapore or they imagine the wonderfully limited choice from the local home goods store when they were a kid and the idea of bean bags with plastic pellets first came around. We’ve come a long way since then, both when it comes to bean bag chairs for kids as well as bean bag chairs for adults. If you remember those first generation bean bags, you probably remember how awkward they were to sit on. While the idea was incredibly cool, the end product was far from comfortable. The sack was made of vinyl and then filled with hard plastic ‘beans’ that ended up getting everywhere if you damaged the bag. Needless to say, vinyl wasn’t always a good choice on warmer days.

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Giant Bean Bag: The Next Generation

While we may not be talking about the final frontier when it comes to foam-based furniture, you will feel like you’ve gone out of this world when you sink into one of the most comfy and softest chairs that you could ever find. To begin, we’ve replaced the outer vinyl sack with your choice of suede or fur. Not only does it stand up to a bit more wear and tear, it also feels so much better than vinyl and won’t give you that sticky, uncomfortable, feeling when the day or your home is warm. Further, while the first generation of bags had no inner liner, Ultimate Sack comes with a durable canvas inner sack that contains our 100% virgin, never used, foam. The durable #10 zipper allows you to remove the outer covering in case you ever need to wash or clean it, while the durable canvas inside helps to protect from tears or rips during the course of normal, everyday, use. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, one of the largest differences that you can literally feel when you sink into one of our Ultimate Sacks is the quality of the foam used inside our bean bag chairs for kids and our bean bag chairs for adults. Those first generation bean bags used hard plastic pellets, or actual beans. In fact, this is why these types of chairs are still called ‘bean bags’ today, even though they no longer use anything close to beans.

While many of the Giant bean bag options on the market today use foam, like us, no one quite does it like we do. We use only 100% virgin, never used, polyurethane foam in our bean bags as well as in our bean bag chairs for kids.

Another factor to consider when looking at the differences between these ‘next gen’ bean bags is the amount of foam in them. Much like you can feel the difference between first and last generation foam bags, you can feel the difference between our Ultimate Sack and everyone else’s. With an Ultimate Sack, you are able to feel the difference between one of ours and one of theirs. Because we fill each bag just right, there is less empty air and, ultimately, more comfort. If a bean bag doesn’t have enough filler, then when you go to sink down into your giant bean bag, you slowly sink right down to the ground and end up basically sitting on the floor. All of the fluff and foam under you keeps you floating and comfortable for as long as you sit there.

The Ultimate Sack 6000

If you’re looking for bean bag chairs for adults, then this is the option for you. Weighing as much as 70 pounds, it is one of our largest and most popular choices for many families. Usable both as a personal chair as well as a love seat, the 6000 measures anywhere between 34-38 inches high when set up and fluffed. Because it can easily double as an overlarge personal chair, this is one of the Sacks which are constantly going out. The large size of our giant bean bag, and the comfy foam make them perfect for relaxing in front of the television after a long day or curling up with a good book. Who would have thought bean bag chairs for adults could be so versatile!

Now, you may be saying that there is no place in your home decor for some garish neon green bean bag chair. Because Ultimate Sack understands that the kids who grew up with bean bag chairs for kids wants something more adult, we offer an amazing variety of subtle colors and choices which can match any house or color scheme. Furthermore, you can choose between suede, fur, or even get a fur print, if tiger stripes are your thing!

Bean bag chairs for kids – the ‘Ultimate’ dorm room solution

One of the best gifts you can give your graduating child is the gift of comfort away from home. Our Ultimate 5000 is the best choice for a teenager or a dorm room because of the balance between comfort and size. If there is one thing which all college freshman experience, it is the need for comfortable furniture in a dorm room that can also be easily moved. A giant bean bag would be perfect for this occasion! Imagine your student being able to heft their Ultimate Sack out of one dorm room and into the next one. All at once, you’ve given them a place to relax as well as a place to study.

Furthermore, because college is important to them, we offer the ability to customize our Ultimate Sack options to match their college. You can pick the color, or even color combination, that honors either their home town high school or the college they’re going too. Our customization options even allow you to make that giant bean bag personalized for them or their school. You could even have a personalized message put onto the bag for them to look back on fondly while away at school.

Even If your child isn’t yet ready to go off to college, having one of our Ultimate Sack 5000’s is a perfect solution for any teenager. It can fit into any teen’s room design and gives them the perfect place to hang out with their friends, play video games, talk on the phone, or possibly study. Much like the college age student, our customization options allow you to make it as personal to them as possible with messages ranging from the name of their favorite band to “MY ROOM – KEEP OUT” or other such ideas. Our bean bag chairs for kids are perfect for your youngsters.

Comfy Corner – a multi-option solution

Along the lines of our 6000 and 5000 lines, we offer a ‘comfy corner’ style of giant bean bag which is great as both a kid and adult solution. Since it works as a bean bag chair for adults, it can fit into many more homes as well as those with children. The main difference between our other bean bag chair for kids options and the corner bag is that this one is shaped like a pie wedge in order to fill that empty corner in your house which has been needing some furniture. It can weigh as much as 55 pounds as is perfect for family story time or even just an evening in front of the television together.

The Kid Sack and the 4000

The simple fact is that kids love bean bags because they’re comfortable and non-standard. After spending all day at school, sitting in uncomfortable desks, the last thing they want to do when they get home to study or play video games is park themselves in another chair. This is where our line of bean bag chairs for kids would be perfect. Having something that can form fit to them as well as be the ‘cool’ chair in the house can be invaluable. While the 4000 sack is good for middle school or high school kids, the Kid Sack is perfect for your little ones. For example, the 4000 can measure about 50 inches across and weight almost 40 pounds, whereas the Kid Sack is 30 inches across and weighs up to 25 pounds. Regardless of the age of your child, there’s an option that fits them and can both fit in with your home design and still give them something fun to sit in. Don’t forget our line of bean bag chairs for adults too.

Not sure what to get? We’ve got you covered

Ultimate Sack makes some of the best gifts for the people who love having a giant bean bag. While there are many reasons you might want to get someone the gift of foam comfort, all wrapped up in one giant ball of awesome, the simple fact is that it’s incredibly hard to wrap a 75 pound bean bag chair. As such, we offer an email delivery system which can send an email gift certificate to the person of your choosing. Our website has a safe and secure means of getting your gift to them and getting them into their own bean bag chair as soon as possible! We even offer a handy chart to give you an idea of our various prices so you know how much to send in order for your friend, loved one, or child to get the right bag for them. Whether it is a bean bag chair for a child or you are searching for bean bag chairs for adults, we’ve got you covered.

The ultimate difference

This is what we stand behind in our products. Most other giant bean bag companies are only the seller. Because they do not make their own, they often have very little control over the quality of the bag or how the warranty gets handled. Further, in many cases these bags are made somewhere overseas and so the shipping costs get added in to what you pay, driving the price up even further. The ultimate difference here is, at the core of it, the difference between buying locally and buying from somewhere overseas.

Every Ultimate Sack is made right here in the United States. Our factory in Ohio makes, produces, and ships every single one, an important factor when considering where you’re buying your foam furniture from. Since we control every aspect of production, we’re able to make sure that we’re only using the best foam, the best suede, and the most durable liners, stitching, and zippers. Furthermore, because we’re able to stand behind our product, we are able to offer a three year, no hassle, no registration, no nonsense warranting. If our bag goes wrong for any reason related to our production of it, be it our giant bean bag or one of our smaller varieties, we’ll replace it for free.

Another factor that puts Ultimate Sack above and beyond the others is the shipping. Since we can ship right from Ohio, direct from the manufacturer this allows us to shave weeks, and hundreds of dollars, from the cost of our Ultimate Sack. Because we save more, we can pass those savings on to you in the form of lower overall prices as well as often free shipping.

Why delay?

Whether you’re looking for bean bag chairs for kids or bean bag chairs for adults, Ultimate Sack has the widest selection of choices and the best price. With offers going up on our website every few days, there is no better time to buy. Between discounts, free shipping, and the high quality of our product, there is no reason to choose any other brand. No other choice, be it Love Sac, Comfy Sac, or anything else, can make our dedication to providing some of the best foam furniture choices on the market. Ultimate Sack is the ultimate stop for your next giant bean bag!

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