The Love Sac Does Not Stand A Chance

Love Sac | No Chance Versus The Ultimate Sack!

Love Sac brand beanbag chairs have become pretty popular lately. Even adults find that they would really like a sturdy piece of fluffy furniture, and they would like one that is going to fit into their lives as adults, or possibility as parents, and is going to last for a while. Unfortunately, if they went with the Love Sac, they made a mistake, since it is only a pale comparison to the much sturdier, much more stylish, and much better priced Ultimate Sack.

The Ultimate Sack has a number of things that the Love Sac simply does not. Perhaps the first and most obvious is that the price is much, much better with our Ultimate Sack. Our competitor will charge you nearly one thousand dollars and sometimes more, depending on what product you want to buy. While we will not deny that they are quality products, a less expensive option that maintains that quality fills the same need, and also makes it more accessible to people who’s pockets are not nearly as deep.

We also, unlike our competition, ship all of our bean bag chairs directly from our factory in Hudson, Ohio, whereas theirs ship from distribution centers where they have been sitting since they got here after being manufactured in China. Shipping takes them two to four weeks, but we will have your Ultimate Sack on the way to your house, business, or wherever in only a few days. And, our shipping is free, since we do not think you should have to pay extra after you are already buying our product.

Finally, you really cannot beat our warranty. We offer a three year warranty limited to the life of the product on many different parts of it, including fabric, zippers, seams, and our famous foam. This is to cover manufacturer defects, to make sure that you get the best product. That being said, once you have our product, that is it, you are covered. You do not have to worry about complex registration procedures like you do when you want to have the warranty on a Love Sac. We are not interested in making you jump through hoops just to correct our mistake. We want you to have furniture that you are comfortable with and will last you for years to come.

We are a company dedicated to making you happy. The point of getting a big, high quality bean bag chair is because it is fun and brings you joy as well as comfort. So if you’re going to buy one, why not get the one that is US-made, will get to you quicker, and is clearly superior to the Love Sac?

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