Fire Up Your Space With Large Red Bean Bag Chairs

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Large red bean bag chairs are fun, flirtatious and fabulous! You can purchase them as a gift or as an accent to your room. You can purchase a smaller one for your kids, or a large one for you and your honey to cuddle in.

Bean bag chairs are great for dens, media rooms and dorms. They are a great alternative to sofas, love seats and even recliners. They are fun furniture that you can put almost anywhere!

There are many advantages to bean bag chairs. One of the biggest advantages is that they conform to the contours of your body. This is great for people with back and neck problems, and for people who just want to relax comfortably.

Traditional bean bag chairs are filled with little foam pellets, or beans. Over time, these beans start to lose their fluff and fall out within the seams of the chair. An Ultimate Sack bean bag chair is filled with foam, but not little pellets.

Also, we use high quality, durable canvas as the lining for our bean bag chairs, so our sacks do not lose their beans over time. Plus, when you feel like your chair is losing its fluff, all you have to do is fluff it back up and you have a full, comfortable chair again.

Large Red Bean Bag Chairs and Other Options

We offer covers for our bean bag chairs in over sixty colors, prints and fabrics. We even offer matching footstools. So you can purchase large red bean bag chairs with a red footstool, or you can purchase zebra print chairs without a footstool, or any combination you wish.

We began manufacturing the Ultimate Sack bean bag chair in our basement, with scissors and on our hands and knees. Since then, we have developed our business, improved our production and are operating out of two warehouses. We are still family owned and operated, with the Ultimate Sack being made right here in the USA.

We use only the highest quality foam for our bean bag chairs and footstools. We have a room that holds 4,000 pounds of shredded foam. We construct our bean bags with durable, high quality zippers and canvas.

We pack your bean bag chair evenly and neatly, and you make it come to life when it reaches your home. By following our simple instructions, you can make a small box of foam turn into a comfortable and fun bean bag chair.

You are in for a treat with Ultimate Sack. Surprise your loved ones with flirty and fun furniture. You and the kids will have fun sitting, laying and even jumping on the Ultimate Sack. Purchase your large red bean bag chairs today!

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