Give your pets large paw print bean bag dog beds!

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Dogs just want to be comfy, and nothing is more comfortable for big dogs than large paw print bean bag dog beds from Ultimate Sack. We all love our dogs, but not on the furniture. The best solution is to get the dogs their own comfortable bed, so the couch will seem like second best.

Large means big, really big

Our large paw print bean bag dog beds are 10 inches thick and 56 inches in diameter. They come in medium and small, too, if you have little dogs or cats. Cats, of course, would prefer that you select a color that their fur will show up on, so that everyone knows it is their bed, but that’s cats for you!

These large dog beds will accommodate two average Labradors or German Shepherds, or even a Great Dane or Irish Wolf Hound. It is important that dogs have a comfortable place to lie down. Too much time sleeping on hard floors can leave them stiff and exacerbate joint problems, just like it would for people. Giving your pet their own bed is actually good for their health, as well as their comfort.

Economical, Durable, and easy to maintain

Not only are our large paw print bean bag dog beds reasonably priced, they are thicker and larger in diameter than comparable dog beds. They are more comfortable and will last a lot longer than cheaper or even more expensive dog beds. With a canvas inner lining and a washable outer cover, they are durable, and can be kept clean and sweet smelling. Stuffed with foam like our bean bag chairs, rather than polystyrene, these beds will keep their thick, comfortable shape for many years to come.

Get one of our large paw print bean bag dog beds for your four-legged friend

Ultimate Sack is a family owned and operated company, and we know that dogs are part of the family. For this reason, we make our pet beds with the same care that we give to our bean bag chairs for the rest of the family. You can even have your furry family member’s name embroidered on their bed — how sweet is that?

Your dogs will be so happy to have their own luxurious dog beds, they may not even want to get on your bed anymore. Don’t be too surprised, however, if they have to share their large paw print bean bag dog beds with the kids; they are that comfy!

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