Large leopard print bean bag chairs bring the jungle home

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We all love a touch of the wild. A couple of large leopard print bean bag chairs from Ultimate Sack are just the thing to remind us that there are untamed things still in the world…besides the college roommates you just got stuck with.

Bean bag chairs are the perfect first furniture

Bean bags are perfect for the dorm room, or your first apartment. The outer covers are washable, so you can keep them clean no matter what your roommates spill on them. When you decide to redecorate, just log onto Ultimate Sack’s easy to navigate web page, order new covers, and voila! Get a whole new look.

Also, since our comfy bean bag chairs cost less than a recliner, they are economical. Conveniently, unlike wood furniture, a bean bag chair can be transported in almost any car, which comes in handy when you need to be ready to move for the next great opportunity.

Large leopard print bean bag chairs can be just the beginning

Ultimate Sack has a variety of animal prints to choose from. You could do a whole jungle theme — and, of course, we also have a whole range of colors and fabrics, so you can do your room any way you want. Do you want brown fur? We have it! How about blue passion suede? We have that too.
You can mix and match in your school colors. Choose black and red for maximum drama, or pink and cream to get in touch with your girly side. We offer all of these options, and many more besides.

Think outside the box, go beyond the bean bag chair

Large leopard print bean bag chairs are only the beginning. Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs come in three different sizes. We also have footstools in any fabric or color to match or complement your chair.

We offer more than bean bag chairs and footstools. Check out our comfy corner, a great piece of furniture which is a wedge shape five feet deep, seven feet across and almost three feet high. Not only is the comfy corner big enough for two or three adults to lounge on, you could let someone sleep on it. We also make the ultimate floor pillow (big enough to sleep on!).

All of these great pieces of foam furniture come with removable, washable outer covers in a variety of colors, so you can clean them up before Mom and Dad come to visit.

Best of all, since no animals were harmed in the making or our large leopard print bean bag chairs, you can enjoy them guilt-free, and have the coolest room in the dorm!

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