Large giraffe print bean bag chairs make any room cooler

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Your room is cool, but it will never be as cool as it could be with a couple of large giraffe print bean bag chairs to laze around in. These bean bag chairs are so soft and cozy you could fall asleep in them, but they are full and firm enough to let you get up without doing contortions.

Where do I get large giraffe print bean bag chairs?

You can get these awesome chairs from Ultimate Sack. We are a family owned and operated company that makes the highest quality bean bag chairs, for a lower price than either Love Sac or Comfy Sack, our closest competitors. Three of our family members owned Love Sac bean bags and wanted more foam-filled chairs, but we found Love Sac chairs to be too expensive, and the cheap bean bags to be well, cheap, so we’ve developed products we’re proud to offer at a reasonable price. We can sell our foam furniture for less because it is factory direct and made in the U.S.A., and to sweeten the deal we never charge you shipping.

But wait, there’s more!

You don’t have to stop with large giraffe print bean bag chairs though, you can have leopard print bean bag chairs, and zebras print footstools, and tiger print ultimate floor pillows, too. You can also get a footstool to go with each of your chairs, for the total lounging package. The fun just keeps on going. If you have a corner to fill, you could get a comfy corner, in either camel or brown to complement your jungle-inspired bean bag chairs.

The fun never stops!

Here is another fun fact about these fun sacks: when they arrive, you get to break up the foam, which is even better than popping bubble wrap, and the chairs will continue to get bigger for the first few days. Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs are foam filled, not stuffed with beans or polystyrene beads. All of our products have double-stitched seams and durable zippers, but in the extremely unlikely even that they do get a hole in them, you will not be chasing polystyrene around for weeks and weeks.

One more thing

Because all of our bean bags and other foam furniture can be moved around, you are never stuck with an inflexible room plan. Line them up to watch television or a movie; spread them around for reading, surfing the net or conversation; or pile them in a corner when you need the floor for dancing! All of this coolness and comfort can be yours, and it can start with one or two large giraffe print bean bag chairs.

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