For a touch of casual elegance, try large camel bean bag chairs from Ultimate Sack

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Camel is such a great neutral color; you can use it anywhere, with anything. Large camel bean bag chairs will give your living room tons of really comfortable extra seating, and still look elegant.

An elegant bean bag chair?

Okay, it seems like a stretch, but think about it a minute. It’s true that bean bag chairs were made for lounging, but they do not have to make a person look clumsy getting into and out of them. Ultimate Sack’s huge, highly accommodating bean bag chairs come in sizes up to six feet in diameter and 36 inches high. Unlike cheap, loosely packed bean bags that let you sink to the floor and make getting out almost impossible, Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs are soft, but packed fully enough to allow you to get out of them gracefully. By choosing an elegant shade, like camel or burgundy or whatever matches or complements your decor, you can play down the playroom ambiance and still enjoy the comfort and convenience of a bean bag chair.

Upgrade materials for extra style

You can choose to have your large camel bean bag chairs made in our passion suede for an even bigger style boost, or fur for more fun and warmth. Your guests will thank you for pulling out our comfy bean bags rather than hard folding chairs for extra seating. All of our ultimate sacks are filled with 100% new shredded polyurethane foam — and with removable washable outer covers and inner linings, our bean bags are easy to keep clean.

Ultimate Sack can offer a better product at a lower price because we are a family owned and operated business that manufactures our own product, so our overhead is lower than most companies. We love bean bag chairs; in fact, our company came into being because we wanted them at a reasonable price.

Everything, from our materials to our zippers, is made with quality and durability in mind. Even our website is designed to be fun and easy to use, unlike our competitor’s site. Our prices (and current specials) are clearly marked on the page with each item. Selecting and customizing your purchase is a simple point and click process. Getting exactly the size, color, accessories, and type of cover you want for your bean bags is a hassle-free experience.

Large camel bean bag chairs really are sophisticated seating

Sophistication is what you make of it. By choosing bean bag chairs for extra seating, you make sophistication and relaxation go together. So don’t hesitate; order a couple of large camel bean bag chairs today, and bring comfort and style together in your home.

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