Uses for Extra Large Bean Bag Chairs

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There is no getting around the fact that extra large bean bag chairs are fun. The plain and simple truth is that ever since this type of furniture came around during the nineties, we’ve had a fascination with breaking away from traditional furniture styles and into something more fun, more enjoyable, and more relaxing.

Having foam furniture is one of the easiest ways to handle a large number of furniture needs when it comes to space. One such example of how to use these types of foam bags is when you are looking to outfit a classroom as a middle or high school teacher.

So Why Should a Teacher Consider Extra Large Bean Bag Chairs?

One of the first, and perhaps most obvious, reasons to use bean bag chairs in a classroom is this: regular desks are boring. Imagine the instant “cool” points that you will get from your students when they walk in, expecting any old regular classroom, and find a large series of bean bags awaiting them. If you’re concerned about desk and writing space, then realize that there are a large number of lap desks available, as well as erasable white boards, which the students can use to participate in the class.

Another reason to consider extra large bean bag chairs is that it is a fact of life that students will work better when they are relaxed and having fun – and what could be more fun than dropping into a large bean bag with the satisfying woof of air and foam beans. Furthermore, if nothing else, you’ll have far fewer discipline issues because you’ll be automatically pegged as the teacher that “gets it.”

Finally, there is a logistical reason to consider using extra large bean bag chairs in your classroom. In many schools, you’re required to pack each year and likely move classrooms for the next academic year. With bean bag chairs, you will never have to worry about moving a large couch, special chairs, or even desks – these chairs are light, fluffy, and both pack and move easily. This way, you can avoid some of the worst parts of having to move from classroom to classroom over the course of your career as a teacher.

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