Custom Bean Bag Chairs

Build your custom bean bag chairs from Ultimate SackNot too many things have withstood the test of time and stayed basically the same throughout the years… except bean bag chairs. Bean bag chairs have definitely outlived any fad of the ’70s. They are now available in about any color and fabric imaginable.

Bean bag chairs can be used in any room in your house such as the living room, den, a finished basement and your children’s room. They are great for extra seating in case your child has friends over or you just need more places to sit. You can easily store bean bag chairs just about anywhere when not being used, making them extremely versatile.

You can find bean bag chairs in suede, fuzzy fur, and passion suede at Ultimate Sack. Bean bag chairs used to only be available in vinyl and cloth, but today you get just about any fabric to match your decor so your bean bag chair will go with the rest of color scheme. Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs are available with a separate outer cover to you can easily remove it and throw it in the washer to freshen it up.

A very important feature in a bean bag chair is the zipper. Unless you buy a chair that has an outer and inner zipper, make sure the zipper locks closed, this way children can not open it and ingest the filling. Because of all the normal wear and tear your bean bag chair will go through due to daily use, you should choose a fabric that is high quality.

Bean bag chairs today come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most commonly seen ones are smaller, kid’s bean bag chairs. These are ideal for children because they are smaller and able to withstand their smaller bodies. Also available are adult sized bean bag chairs which can easily fit up to 3 people. Matching bean bag footstools can also be purchased as well as bean bag beds for dogs.

When you think of bean bag chairs you might assume they are filled with dried beans, while some bean bags might be; Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs are not. Our bean bag chairs are filled with shredded memory foam.

Shredded foam filling withstands all the wear and tear that will be put on it. You also need to think ahead to the future, you will not need to purchase the filling separately to refill your bean bag as the filling compresses down. Ultimate Sacks retain their shape for the lifetime of the bean bag chair. The best filling for a bean bag chair is memory foam because it withstands the compression of being sat on and bounces right back, use after use.

The bean bag chair may have been around for a long time, but it sure has adapted to today’s lifestyle and design trends. It has evolved from being a novelty chair to something anyone would be proud to put in their home and have it blend in with any decor. Buy an Ultimate Sack today, the most comfortable bean bag chair available.

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