Consider a High Quality Custom Bean Bag Chair

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There are a number of reasons to consider getting a custom bean bag chair for your home, work, or office. Consider that ours here at Ultimate Sack come with a commitment to quality and service which make these foam chairs far better than any others around.

Now, when most people think about bean bags, they often call to mind the first generation of these things from the late nineties (or earlier), which were generally uncomfortable and not really well made. While you could certainly go get a cheap bean bag chair from any kind of local chain store, getting something with the quality of an Ultimate Sack is something else entirely.

Our Path to Making the Best Custom Bean Bag Chair

We started, like most people do, with a single bean bag chair. Our family found we loved this type of furniture so much, that we went looking around so that everyone in the house could have their own custom bean bag chair. At first, we were really disappointed – if we found a product that was affordable, it didn’t have the quality that we were looking for. If we found one that had the quality we wanted, however, it was incredibly expensive.

So we decided to start our own company – Ultimate Sack – and provide quality, local USA products, at a reasonable price.

Options for Custom Chairs

In addition to being able to order a custom bean bag chair in nearly any size that you could wish for, Ultimate Sack offers the ability to choose how you want your outer cover to look – letting you color code to go along with a room design, a company theme, or even team colors. As a parent, this gives you the ability to choose different colors for each child, so that there is no confusion as to ownership. You can even get one in your child’s school colors to send with them to college, as they start their life.

No matter the reason that you are looking for your own foam furniture, Ultimate Sack offers some of the best. We only use the finest foam inside a durable nylon sack, surrounded by the softest suede leather for you to sit on; furthermore, you can even use these types of chairs as replacements for larger furniture if you’re interested in options like the bean bag sofa, loveseat, or even as a foot stool.

Ultimate Sack – the Best There Is

All you have to do is try one of our bean bag chairs, and we know that you will fall in love with them – from our bean bag sofas to every custom bean bag chair.

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