Chic and Comfy – Sacks of Beans in History

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Ultimate Sack is a known leading manufacturer of cozy comfy sacks made of foam stuffed into fabric, which are fashioned into bean bag chairs and other furniture. Our furniture begins with a double-stitched canvas inner lining filled with 100% newly shredded virgin polyurethane foam. The liner is then closed with a zipper that is sealed with a child safety lock.

Next, there is an outer fabric cover which encases the stuffed canvas liner. These bean bags are designed for durability and safety, and include tamper proof mechanisms to prevent accidental tampering by young children. The use of both a child safety lock and shredded foam reduces any danger that curious little hands can get into.

History of Bean Bag Furniture

You won’t see fashion models taking bean bag furniture for a roll down a catwalk! But it still has a fashionable history that stretches from Italy across the Atlantic Ocean to the U.S.A. The first bean bags were invented in Italy in 1968 by a company called Zanotta Sacco. Historically, the term “bean bag chair” was used to refer to a large round vinyl sack, or bag, of polystyrene beads that could be used as furniture for people to sit on.

The creation of these original bean bag chairs emphasized the freedom of shape and form. This new kind of furniture represented the height of fashion, and an artistic expression of shapeless freedom. Many people discovered that this furniture was both soft and comfy. Sacks of these soft beads provided an innovative and chic alternative to conventional types of furniture. A bean bag chair served as a way to display functional and fashionable artwork that people could use and appreciate.

More Than Just Comfy Sacks – Foam Furniture Make With Love and Care

Here at Ultimate Sack, we continue this artistic tradition using large comfy sacks of shredded foam as our medium. Like many fashion designers, we got into it for the love of it, starting by creating bean bag furniture in our home basement in Ohio. We extensively researched bean bag designs, going over what worked and what didn’t. We then matched up the best designs with the finest selection of fabrics and materials.

More recently, we’ve expanded our business to include a production factory and two warehouses that are located in a local suburban area near Akron, Ohio. Using high quality materials, we make a quality product that is irresistibly soft and comfy. Sacks such as these make great furniture and display art you can actually snuggle up in for the home or office.

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