How Does a Comfy Sack Really Compare?

Comparing Comfy Sack to Ultimate Sack | Click Now And Order Your Ultimate Sack Today

There are many important differences between the Comfy Sack and Ultimate Sack. You have to understand, of course, that not all bean bag sack furniture is created equal. Fortunately, you can often check out many of the differences in bean bag chairs before you buy them. Some of the most important components include the sack’s materials, durability, manufacturing process, and price. You should be happy with the purchase of your bean bag chair throughout the time you own it.

Let’s Talk Stuffing

Everyone loves plump bean bags. When it comes to wonderful, snuggly bean bag chairs, the more stuffing, the better. But it’s more than just how much filler is used to stuff a bean bag. You also need to consider the composition of the filler material. Ultimate Sack uses premier quality stuffing materials that consist of 100 percent new, virgin foam. There is more foam stuffing in an Ultimate Sack than any other known brand that is currently on the market. A 6 foot sack includes 75 pounds of foam stuffing, which means that this furniture is really stuffed to its maximum capacity for the utmost in comfort.

Is a Comfy Sack Really Comfy?

To compare, Comfy Sack uses shredded furniture foam in their furniture, and the actual weighed amount of the material is significantly less by several pounds of stuffing. How much less? Well, in their 6 foot sack, they only use 68 pounds of stuffing, which consists of pre-used, shredded furniture foam. By using superior quality products and more stuffing, Ultimate Sack is able to provide you with foam furniture that gives you superior comfort.

Counting Beans

Money is a valuable asset, and it never seems like we have enough of it. Therefore, it is always important to make a purchase that maximizes the quality of the product at the lowest price. On average, Ultimate Sack’s bean bags are 35 percent less expensive than those offered by Comfy Sack.

Do You Want It Now?

So, you have made the decision to purchase a bean bag chair. It’s often hard to control the excitement and anticipation when you order a new item and are waiting for it to be delivered. At Ultimate Sack, we totally understand how impatient you are to get your bean bag, whether it’s for you or to give as a gift. That’s why we offer free shipping and can often deliver your new bean bag to your doorstep in just a few days after you place your order. With Comfy Sack, the same order would take up to a couple of weeks until it was delivered. So when you want the best, and fast, go with the Ultimate – Ultimate Sack!

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