The Dangers of Cheap Bean Bag Chairs

cheap bean bag chairBean bag chairs are more comfortable, portable and easier to store than traditional chairs. They are a fun favorite for children, as well as a stylish piece of furniture for adults. Bean bag chairs have health benefits also! These benefits include relief from mental and physical tension and less stress on the joints and muscles. While this type of furniture has a lot to offer and many benefits, cheap bean bag chairs carry a certain amount of risk.

Choking is the main danger of owning a cheap foam pellet filled bean bag chair. The risk is particularly high for children or pets who may inadvertently unzip the cover and get the small pellets into their mouths. Buying only those chairs that have a separate inner lining for the filling will minimize this risk, but it’s also a good idea to carefully watch small children or pets when they’re around the furniture. If you don’t have a safety lock on the zipper, remove the zipper pull or sew the zipper shut.

Suffocation is another risk to consider, especially if you have small children or pets. Children or pets can crawl into the inside of cheap bean bag chairs, get trapped and eventually suffocate. Filling material can spill out of cheap bean bags which presents a potential suffocation or choking danger. A pet or small child could also be smothered by a large chair, which is why it is never a good idea to place a baby on a bean bag chair.

Keep the size of potential users in mind when buying bean bag furniture. When you purchase large bean bag chairs, be sure to place them away from traditional furniture, sharp corners and hazardous objects. Also keep your new bean bag chairs away from angular or sharp surfaces. Additionally be sure to locate your bean bag on a soft surface to prevent sliding.

cheap bean bagBean bag chairs that have both inner and outer covers, double-stiched seams and durable fabric are the safer choices due to their ability to withstand wear and tear, rigorous use and prevent spillage of the filling. Lastly, choose bean bag chairs that meet U.S. flammability standards. Cheap bean bags have polystyrene filler that will ignite if exposed to flame.

Being an educated shopper will keep your household and children safe while you enjoy all the comfort your a bean bag chair provides. It is important to remember that when it comes to safety, you cannot afford to buy cheap bean bags. You need a bean bag chair that will last the test of time.

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