Big Bean Bag Chairs as a Dorm Solution

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No matter if you’re looking to send a kid off to college, or are a kid off in college, having a dorm room with the Ultimate Sack is one of the best solutions to your need for furniture. Big bean bag chairs, simply put, are fun – and significantly less boring than the normal furniture that most dorm rooms put in for the students.

Furthermore, if you or your kid is living in off-campus housing, there is often no furniture included at all. With a bean bag lounger, you can have all the style you want, as well as all the relaxation you want as you study or enjoy the local sports game.

Why Should You Choose Big Bean Bag Chairs?

One of the best parts of our bean bag lounger furniture is that it is easily customizable – not just in construction, but also in how it is used and where. For example, we offer a bean bag cover that is six feet wide, which is great for an entire family, but perhaps not for the dorm room. At five feet, however, the bean bag chairs fit perfectly in dorm rooms and, additionally, we offer a four-foot version of our bean bag cover which is amazing for kid’s rooms, long before they ever go to college.

Now you might be thinking that you can go down to the Walmart and get any old bean bag to use as a chair. And while you’ll certainly pay less, the old adage of getting what you pay for is absolutely true. We began our company because we love big bean bag chairs and went looking for more types. After finding some, we did not like the quality of the product at all, and decided to make some that were better.

To begin with, one of the main differences between our bean bags and other companies is the ability for you to customize your chair – from the size to the type of fabric being used to cover the chair. Furthermore, you can take the covers off the bean bag in order to wash the cover should it become dirty from use or spilled drinks from kids.

Because of our commitment to our product, only the best foam is put into our chairs, so that your Ultimate Sack cannot be beat when it comes to matters of comfort. Why choose some ugly, fake leather covered bean bag when you could have the softest foam possible, covered in fur or suede in every color of the rainbow? Why choose bad big big bean bag chairs when you could have the Ultimate Sack?

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