Why the Ultimate Sack is the Best Big Bean Bag Chair

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When most people think about bean bag chairs, they think about the bad ones from the eighties that were covered in vinyl and often had a habit of breaking, spilling small plastic beans everywhere. The Ultimate Sack, however, is the best big bean bag chair for the new generation of bean bag lovers.

It all started when we, as a family, wanted to get another bean bag lounger; however, when looking around at price and value, we were disappointed. For example, while we found a company that would make them for less money, the quality of the product was severely lacking. They didn’t even offer a decent bean bag cover.

What are the Things Which Make Our Big Bean Bag Chair Different?

The largest difference is, simply, the quality of the product. We looked at the different types of bean and foam bags available on the market, including the Love Sack, which is one of the higher end products on the market. While most other competitors vary on the size and type of their chairs, only with the Ultimate Sack can you get the specifics, customization, and choices you’ll want in a bean bag lounger.

For example, when looking at a bean bag cover, do you really want to have vinyl sticking to you during the hot summer months, or the soft and comfortable feeling of fur or suede, which will breathe with you as you sit in it? You should also consider the benefit of being able to choose the color palette to match your room, instead of just whatever product happens to be on a shelf, usually in the kid’s room department.

There really is no comparison between our big bean bag chairs and the others – ours surpasses them in quality, price, and comfort every day of the week. Why choose a competitor’s product, which could cost anywhere from two hundred to almost a thousand dollars, when the Ultimate Sack is better, and often costs far, far less.

So Why Should You Choose Ultimate Sack?

We are a family-owned, family-operated company right here in the United States. All of our products and manufacturers are local as well, so by supporting our company you will be supporting American companies, jobs, and the economy while also getting an amazingly comfortable chair out of it. After all, for the price of some of the competitors’ products, you can get anywhere from four to five Ultimate Sack chairs to fill any big bean bag chair need that you might have.

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