Ultimate Sack’s Most Popular Bean Bag Chairs


pink bean bagPink Bean Bag Chairs
Lemonade, cotton candy, bubble gum, sometimes the sweetest things in life come in pink. Now that we have hot pink bean bag chairs, your dorm room, office, or apartment can show off its sweetness. These hot pink bean bags have suede on the outside and are filled with new, fluffy stuffing on the inside. Check them out today for yourself and find out how sweet these hot pink bean bag chairs really are.


zebra bean bagZebra Bean Bag Chair
What’s black and white and comfortable all over? If you guessed a zebra bean bag from Ultimate Sack you guessed correctly. These zebra bean bag chairs are perfect for your home, office, or dorm room, they’re big enough to make sure that everyone notices it, yet compact enough to fit into even the tiniest of dorms. Be sure to check out all of our selections of custom bean bag chairs at Ultimate Sack.


black bean bagBlack Bean Bag Chair
Nothing defines cool and stylish quite like the color black does, find out just how stylish a big, black, furry Ultimate Sack will look in your home, dorm or office. These giant plush black bean bag chairs are more than just a piece of furniture, they are a statement about how seriously you take your comfort, and that statement is that any old chair isn’t going to suit your needs, you demand an Ultimate Sack.


red bean bagRed Bean Bag Chair
When you think of things that are big, red, and furry, you’re probably not thinking of an awesome red fur bean bag chair for your home, dorm room or office. You’re probably thinking of Clifford the Big Red Dog, a giant sized version of Elmo, or possibly Big Foot as a rebellious teenager after he has dyed his hair fire engine red. From now on though, we really hope that you start thinking about our super comfy, durable, stylish, red fur bean bag chairs. Trust us on this one, it’s for the best.


green bean bagGreen Bean Bag Chair
Kermit the frog once sang that it’s not easy being green. Don’t tell that to these giant, plush bean bag chairs. They make being green easy, comfortable, and cool. Put this hunter passion suede bean bag chair in any home, dorm or office and watch the way people flock to it. Kermit the frog never had it this good.


blue bean bagBlue Bean Bag Chair
Blue is typically associated with things that are vast in nature; the ocean, the sky, the Blue Man group. All of these, however, pale in comparison to the vastness of our sea bean bag chairs. And by vastness we mean huge, comfy bean bag chairs stuffed with premium new filling that will be awesome in any dorm, home, or office.


white bean bagWhite Bean Bag Chair
At Ultimate Sack we don’t follow your fancy rules of when to wear white, heck, we can’t even remember what your fancy rules are anymore. Is it ok to wear it before Arbor Day but not after Guy Fawkes Day? See what we mean? No matter what rules you follow, you’re going to love this ivory Ultimate Sack that is in fashion 365 days a year.


orange bean bagOrange Bean Bag Chair
Orange is fun, and that’s a fact. Think about all the fun things in life that are orange, jack ‘o lanterns, goldfish, basketballs, and Garfield are among just some of the wonderful things in the world that are orange. Now you can add orange bean bag chairs to that list as well. This orange bean bag is filled with new stuffing, has a super comfortable outer casing, fits perfectly in any dorm, office, bedroom or living room and best of all, it comes in orange. Orange you glad we didn’t make a bunch of bad puns on this page?


brown bean bagBrown Bean Bag Chair
I’ll admit, I am very afraid of most things that are brown and furry. This includes bears, beavers, and bats. One thing I’m not afraid of however is this huge brown bean bag chair. Far more comfortable than any bear, beaver, or bat that I’ve ever seen, this brown bean bag chair fits perfectly in any dorm, home, or office. Call or click today to find out more.


lime green bean bagLime Green Bean Bag Chair
We’re going to shoot straight with you, because that’s just how we are. There aren’t a lot of large, comfortable, awesome lime green things in this world. We’d guess there are maybe 5 or 6 other things that are comparable to our lime bean bag chairs, and we would tell you what those are, but quite frankly, we don’t know what they are. What we do know is that this huge, bright, comfy bean bag chair will be perfect in any dorm room, home, or office. Check one out for yourself today and discover a side of lime green you’ve never experienced before.

We have three different sizes to match your needs. Be sure to pick a size that fits in your area.