More Than a Beanbag Chair – Its The Ultimate Sack

Beanbag furniture used to be really popular, but it fell out of fashion quite some time ago. That is, until very recently when, like all trends, they came back into prominence again. Part of the reason for that, though, is that the material used to fill them has changed drastically since their original conception, eliminating the problems associated with early products and finding a cheaper way to make the chairs as well. It is part of what makes Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs so amazing.

When you think of “beanbag chairs”, you most likely think that they are filled with beans, and there was a time when you would be right. An early bean bag chair would have been filled with dried beans, an idea based on popular kids games accessories that used the same technique. The idea was to have a chair that molded itself to the person sitting on it, and composing the inside of many separate pieces made that pretty easy. The problem was that beans did not necessarily stand up very well over time. Even dried beans could attract pests, and once they broke, the chair started to lose its shape. Even more than all of that, dried beans were expensive, at least compared to later innovations, and made the cost ultimately prohibitive.

From there, you started seeing things that were called “beanbag chairs”, but were actually filled with polystyrene or plastic pellets. These were much cheaper than using dried beans, and they were also less likely to fall apart inside of the product, so you could actually have your bean bag chair for much longer. As an added bonus, this also made the smaller pieces machine washable, and the rest made hand washing much easier since plastic was not going to absorb any water it is put in. The problem with these materials, though, is that they were not remarkably flexible or springy, and could become uncomfortable over time.

A modern piece of beanbag furniture is not made from either beans or plastic. It is made from pieces of foam. The foam solves a lot of problems that you see with earlier incarnations, including that it is machine washable and that it is springy, so it maintains comfort. A lot of work was put into making the foam pieces in the Ultimate Sack just large enough that it would be easy to mold the chair to your specifications while still not being so small that the chair could not hold its shape when you wanted it to. Foam is light, cost effective, and durable material.

So when you’re looking for a piece of furniture that is both comfortable and fun, make sure that you take a look at what it is made of. You may be surprised what you find today when you look inside a beanbag chair.

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