Why Beanbag Chairs are Cool

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Every college student knows that their dorm furniture sucks – so why not use beanbag chairs instead? Really, why choose some ratty old couch that someone else was going to throw out just because it’s free? It’s not comfortable, it probably smells, and you don’t even want to imagine what someone else might have done to it. Instead, you could have your very own bean bag lounger instead of a couch, and have everyone you know in obvious envy of your sack.

Beanbag Chairs Can Be Easily Cleaned

It is a rule of life – party fouls happen. As the night wears on and people get tired, it becomes more and more likely that they are going to spill a drink. Instead of having that drink be absorbed into the sofa, your beanbag chairs would be safe because of the bean bag cover. Simply put, the actual foam and beans are in a bag inside the bean bag cover, making for easy removal and cleaning. You’ll never have to kick someone out of the apartment again for making your couch smell even worse than it had before.

Great for Relaxing

Because the foam in your bean bag lounger easily molds to your body, it not only provides great support but also an incredibly comfortable place to sit. Sitting on bean bag furniture is the perfect way to watch the game, play video games, hang out with friends, or even perhaps study.

Nothing is quite as comfortable as the soft suede of our bean bags. If you’re looking for something even softer, we also offer a number of fur choices for covers which are simply out of this world. You might want to, however, keep that one to yourself to avoid the party fouls described above.

Great for Moving, Also!

Because beanbag chairs are light – they are only filled with foam after all, so they are great for moving into and out of dorm rooms or off-campus housing. Also, with foam furniture, you’ll never have to worry about struggling to get furniture that was in a downstairs apartment up numerous steps into an upstairs one. And if you move from upstairs to downstairs, well – if anything, getting foam furniture down is easier. It can be simply dropped!

Look at the Prices!

If you go to a major department store and look for foam furniture, you’re likely to only find small, cheap ones for a child’s room – not exactly the image you’re looking for in a college apartment or dorm room. Instead, Ultimate Sack offers some of the best choices at reasonable prices when you compare our sacks to our competitors’ bags. When it comes to beanbag chairs, there is simply no alternative.

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