Building a Better Beanbag: Ultimate Sack

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When most people think about a beanbag, they tend to think about older styles of beanbag chairs which were simply not well made. Imagine the classic image of the bean bag chair, and you’ve got small, hard, plastic pellets inside a single layer bag that is made of hard vinyl or low grade leather. Now throw that image out, because Ultimate Sack makes that bean bag ashamed to call itself a bean bag.

So What are the Differences When it Comes to Beanbag Quality?

One of the biggest quality differences between the foam furniture of old and an Ultimate Sack is the quality of the foam pellets used. Instead of a series of plastic beans or beads, we use only the softest and most durable foam that will bend and fold with you, giving you a beanbag which will last for years and years.

An additional point of difference is the fact that with lower grade bags, you’re only getting one actual sack; the beans or pellets can then easily spill out if you unzip it or if it tears in any way. With our bean bag chairs, we provide two layers of protection: a hard vinyl bag inside, and the wonderfully soft and comfy suede outside.

Okay, So What Now?

Your first step is to imagine how freaking awesome you’d like your house to be; instead of just a bean bag chair, you could have everything from beanbag love seats and couches, not to mention even footstools. Your entire living room, office, den, man-cave, or just about any room you wish, could be covered in the awesome that is a set of Ultimate Sack furniture.

Additionally, you can customize your foam bags by choosing the colors and sizes that will best fit your needs, your house, and your wallet.

Benefits of an Ultimate Sack Living Room

It is a fact of life that people move a number of times throughout their lives, and having to move furniture is one of the more difficult aspects of changing one’s residence. With beanbag furniture, you’ll never have to worry about scratching either the furniture or the walls when moving out your couch. Moreover, getting your furniture downstairs is as simple as tossing it over the railing and letting it fall to the ground or your friend’s waiting arms.

This is especially true if you’re living in a college dorm or an off-campus apartment, where you might have to move from year to year as room assignment changes require. Instead of having to lug some heavy chair, you could be slinging your very own beanbag chair over your shoulder.

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