Small Apartment Solution – Bean Bags!

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If there is one universal problem that bean bags can solve, it is the problem of getting hard furniture into small apartments. Every single person, either in college, or in their early twenties, has had to deal with the problem of getting couches, chairs, and sometimes even appliances into the narrow doorways of the places you’re renting – which, of course, means that you have to be extra careful not to damage the walls. Even worse, you could be hauling that furniture up numerous flights of stairs and around tight corners. Imagine having to balance a love seat or couch on its end while you muscle it up a flight of stairs!

Now Imagine Doing It With Bean Bags

With bean bag chairs, you never have to worry about scratching the chair, or the wall. It is incredibly easy to push bean bags through a narrow doorway because they will conform to the size needed. Furthermore, when most people think about this type of furniture, they often overlook the fact that it can even replace that heavy couch in your living room. All it takes is one bean bag lounger and an ottoman or two, and you’re set for your living room furniture in a small apartment or dorm room.

So Why Choose the Ultimate Sack?

When looking at bean bag chairs, there are really only two aspects to consider – the price, and the quality. With Ultimate Sack, you can get an entire living room set of furniture for what you would pay other companies for just one, single, bean bag lounger. Furthermore, the entire reason we started Ultimate Sack is because we loved foam furniture and went looking for more options and reasonable prices – and we couldn’t find any!

Ever since that day, we decided, as a family, that we were going to get only the finest foam from local, United States producers, and put them in bean bag covers of the softest and best fabric. We offer you choices to go with any apartment design, such as fur and suede in nearly any color you could choose. As an added benefit, because our products are so well made and well stitched, you can even remove the foam bag from the cover in order to clean it, in the event that it ever gets dirty or something gets spilled on it during a party or by a little one.

No matter the style, type, or size of your apartment, choosing to use bean bags as your furniture option will absolutely change your life – if nothing else, it will make moving time much easier.

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