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In terms of bean bags, chair options are often pretty slim. After all, the big phase of having a bean bag cover style chair occurred in the eighties, and not many companies really make them nowadays.

That’s what we thought, too, and we were incredibly wrong. Ultimate Sack started because we loved our Love Sac products, but wanted some more choices and options in terms of a bean bag lounger. As we looked around, we realized that we could not find a product that had the price we wanted and the quality we liked – most of the things we found had very cheap zippers and construction – so we decided to make our own.

How is Ultimate Sack Different from Other Bean Bags? Chair Choices!

No matter what type of bean bag lounger you are looking for, we offer a choice for you. With options for your bean bag cover ranging from fur to suede and in nearly any color that you could desire, Ultimate Sack really is one of the best places to go for any kind of foam-based furniture. We offer an amazing variety of sizes to fit any kind of house or apartment, as well as children’s sizes so that your son or daughter doesn’t have to miss out on the fun.

When it comes to bean bags, chair selections can work for any room. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at an apartment, a house, or even an office building. Some of our best bean bag chairs have gone to companies such as Facebook, NBC, Coca Cola, and other big names. They have come to learn what we knew all along – bean bag furniture is fun, relaxing, and enjoyable to own and use.

Why Should You Choose Ultimate Sack?

As those companies have learned, owning bean bag furniture can be fun and enjoyable – moreover, relaxing. Studies have shown time and time again that employees who are more relaxed and creatively supported will work harder and with greater productivity. It is for this reason that many major companies, especially programming-focused ones, often have a sort of “toy room” with bean bags, chair colors covering the entire spectrum, and much more. They know that the person who can go into their break room and drop down into one of these soft, comfy, foam chairs, will be that much more relaxed and easy to work with during the course of the day.

Don’t delay – for the price of one of a different company’s bean bags, chair choices from Ultimate Sack can range from two to four entire bags.

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