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Bean Bag Lounger | Click Now And Order Your Ultimate Sack TodayA bean bag lounger is a great way to relax in comfort and style. However, choosing the right bean bag chair can actually be quite the task. You can go to your local store and purchase a cheap bean bag chair to find it is not very comfortable nor is it very durable or you can purchase a quality bean bag chair from UltimateSack.com. We use high quality foam, fabrics and zippers to make our bean bag chairs last. You can be confident you are getting the best value for your money with an Ultimate Sack bean bag chair.

After a bad experience with a less than decent quality bean bag lounger purchase, we decided to do some research and lots of trial and error to come up with the ultimate bean bag chair that is the epitome of quality and comfort. That is how we came up with the Ultimate Sack. We decided to use quality foam that molds to your body for the ultimate comfort. We also use quality fabrics and zippers for the ultimate in durability. We want your bean bag chair to last for many years.

We are a family owned and operated manufacturing business based in Hudson, Ohio. We make all our products right here in the USA and we ship directly to our customers within days of placing an order. We offer a straight forward three year warranty and free shipping on most of our products. You can even opt to have a matching footstool to go with your bean bag lounger. Since we are the manufacturer and we ship directly to you, we are able to keep our overhead costs low and pass along the savings.

We have quite a few competitors, however our strongest competitor is Love Sac and we feel we beat them out in quite a few ways. Love Sac undoubtedly makes quality bean bag chairs. However, their products are made overseas and they offer a warranty that is only valid if you register your product. On top of that, a bean bag lounger from Love Sac is quite expensive, almost double an Ultimate Sack chair and you have to pay for shipping and wait two to four weeks for your chair to ship from Love Sac.

Ultimately, we offer convenience, exceptional customer service, low prices, free shipping and quality products. You can choose your chose of size, color and fabric on our website. You can even choose to have your name embroidered on your item for the ultimate personalization. We are ready to ship your items to you in as little as a few days so you can start relaxing comfortably as soon as possible. It is time you relax in style with a comfortable Ultimate Sack bean bag lounger.

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