The Possible Hazards Of Low Quality Bean Bags Chairs

Bean bags chairs have been around for decades. They were a staple of growing up for a lot of adults today and generally remind people of the fun they had as children and the good times that a particular bean bag chair provided. However, a number of inexpensive versions are available on the market, and people looking to recapture that sense of childhood fun might find that they are putting their families and pets at risk from poorly crafted products made with substandard materials.

The first problem that a lot of cheaply made bean bags chairs experience is that if you could get to the pellets inside, they present a significant choking hazard. What you often see with these chairs is that they have a single layer between the stuffing and the person sitting on it. This means that if any damage happens to the chair, then the stuffing goes everyplace, getting all over floors and the like. This also means that small children and pets can easily get hold of that stuffing and swallow it, leading to potential breathing problems, even if the pellets themselves do not cause stomach issues from being ingested. That is one of the reasons why the Ultimate Sack is made of comfy foam and comes with an outer cover, to prevent any bean bag pellet spills.

Another potential problem is suffocation caused by burying one’s face into the bean bags chairs or trying to crawl inside. Smothering is far too common when it comes to cheap versions of this furniture, which is why it is important to have chairs with double stitched seems and enough give that they are unlikely to cause somebody to have their face trapped in the surface of it. The trick is not only sturdy material and construction, but also knowing how much to fill the chair so that you have support, but lessen the potential of possible suffocation.

Some things that you can do to reduce the hazards that you can find in bean bags chairs include keeping them away from other furniture with sharp corners and making sure that they are placed on surfaces with plenty of grip to prevent sliding. This will help keep them from getting accidentally damaged by standard household items. You also want to make sure that they meet the flammability requirements set by the US, especially if you have children in the house.

A bean bag chair can be fun and relaxing, but like many things, they can be dangerous if you are not cautious. Experience the quality of an Ultimate Sack and get the very best in bean bag chairs available today. Proudly made in the USA.

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