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Simply put, bean bag chairs make for some of the most comfortable, easy to own, and easy to use furniture that you will ever have in your life. Imagine being able to move from apartment to apartment without ever having to stuff a couch or sectional through a narrow doorway. Likewise, consider how often you get furniture from a store and it arrives in a box – easy to get into the house, but once assembled, it is nearly impossible to get out without breaking it, or the house.

With bean bags, you will never have a single one of these worries. No more scratched furniture, and certainly no more issues of stuffing ungainly couches through narrow doors.

So Why Choose Bean Bag Chairs?

When most people think about these types of chairs, they often approach it with entirely the wrong idea. Instead of thinking about the sheer luxury that comes from sinking into a massively overlarge foam bag at the end of a long day, they often call to mind the early versions of bean bag chairs that were from the late nineties, and massively uncomfortable.

When looking at bean bag chairs from then and now, you can see that they are often not at all alike. While the first generations of bean bag chairs had hard plastic nuggets, our new ones contain soft and amazing foam beads which conform to your body. Furthermore, older styles of bean bags had a hard vinyl outer covering, whereas Ultimate Sack’s new generation of foam furniture is covered in only the softest suede imaginable.

Furthermore, every Ultimate Sack is incredibly customizable, allowing you to turn what is normally just a choice in bean bag chairs into a wonderfully personal gift. Imagine being able to give a bean bag chair as a gift to a departing student on their way to college. Not only can you make sure that the outer covering is in the colors of their new school, you have now given them an amazingly comfortable place to read, study, and feel at home.

The Price Difference

If you do any searching online for bean bag chairs, as we did, you’ll quickly find out that there is a balancing act between cost and quality. If you’re looking for quality, then you won’t have a good price, and if you’re looking for a good price, you won’t find good quality.

Except, that is, for Ultimate Sack. We offer you the perfect balance of the two when it comes to bean bag chairs.

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