Comparing a Comfy Sack to an Ultimate Sack

bean bag chair

These days there are several high quality bean bag chairs on the market that seem to be in direct competition with each other, so how do you know which one to choose when it comes time to invest in the most awesome piece of furniture you will ever own? That decision is easy once you’ve seen, or even felt, an Ultimate Sack. Comfy Sack claims to sell a product similar to ours, but we feel it really falls short in several areas. From the moment you design your comfy bean bag chair, whether it’s picking out the fabric, or the size, to the moment you interact with any of our customer service representatives, you’re going to notice an immense difference in the attention we give to detail. Comfy Sack likes to brag about its short list of corporations that use their furniture, but we prefer to make our bean bag chairs for individuals, that’s why we keep our prices lower than our competition, so that we can bring you the best bean bag chair available.

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