Love Sac ® vs. Ultimate Sack Beanbag Chairs The Better Love Sack!

Tiger Bean Bag ChairMaybe you have heard of Love Sac ®, maybe you even own a Love Sac ®. We did too, until we decided to search for a better Love Sack. Our business was born when we decided to embark on a mission for a better, more affordable, more comfortable bean bag chair. We love these big, comfortable sacks, but we don't think they should cost an arm and a leg. We wanted more colors, more fabric options, and we wanted all of this for a lower price. Well, we found a way. We are the manufacturers of the original Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chair. We make them here in the USA and we ship them straight from our factory, which is why we can charge less. If you are wondering why our love sacks are better, check out the differences between Ultimate Sack and Love Sac®:

Product Comfy, foam filled bean bag chairs, covers, dog beds, and body pillows Foam bean bag chairs and other furniture and accessories
Price Ultimate Sack: $199-$319 Love Sac ® Price: $590-$1,000+
Manufacturing Our Sacks: MADE IN USA Love Sac®s are made in China
Shipping: Our shipping is FREE a orders are typically shipped within days Love Sac® shipping: not free, 2-4 weeks to ship
Warranty Straight forward no registration needed. Read more. Complicated! You must register your product.

You know why we can charge less, and you'll notice how many more colors and fabrics we offer? Because these foam filled love sacks are our specialty, and we should offer over 60 colors and fabrics. This is furniture, and it should match your lifestyle and your decor. To top it all off, our FREE SHIPPING places Ultimate Sack at the top of the list. Not only are our sacks cheaper, but we do not charge you shipping - at all! If you are still skeptical, take a look at our Testimonials page. You can see for yourself why time and time again, customers have trusted Ultimate Sack over Love Sac ® for their comfy foam bag chairs. We hope you will have the experience of relaxing in our Ultimate Sack chairs along with knowing that you did not have to empty your pockets. We are sure you will love our sacks. Take a look at our selection!

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