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Foam Bag Chairs That Surpass All Bean Bag Chairs in Comfort!


The word is: Functionality!  Our foam-filled bean bag chairs give you options that other bag type furniture does not deliver!  Use them as:  sofas, game chairs, recliners, beds, and love seats. Lounging, game playing, napping, reading, studying, working, or watch your favorite sporting event:  Our sack serves the purpose to the max!

Another word:  Versatility!  These chairs make a great addition to almost any room in your home, apartment, dorm rooms, and even office break rooms. It is not difficult to let your imagination go wild!

Think:  Economical!  This great piece of foam furniture was developed by a Love Sac® chair owner looking for an alternative. When one was found at a better price and purchased, the quality of the foam used as filler in the bag was disappointing.  The comfort level was also just not right! After many months sampling foam and fabrics, we developed a better product at a better price!

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Let's face it, what you care about is the price. But don't you usually get what you pay for? Look, we are provide a high-quality product at a lower price because we are the manufacturer, meaning lower overhead. With this being the case we can then pass the savings on to you. So what is the greatest feature of our product? High quality at a low price!

The bottom line is that we are a family-owned and operated company with the sole purpose of providing you with a comparable popular product on the market at a price that everyone could afford. Don't you think that you owe it to yourself to check us out?

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The Best Bean Bags from Ultimate Sack

So...what about the difference between Ultimate Sack Bean Bags and a good many of the bean bag chair companies out there? Quality of materials!

Remember, the main reason why Ultimate Sack exists is because we weren't happy with what the competitors were offering, and we wanted to give consumers a solution that didn't empty out their wallet.

Take a look at the side by side comparison of fabrics and zippers and you will see that don't be fooled by our economical price! Trust us, the quality is there in the foam furniture that we produce!

We have three different sizes to match your needs. Be sure to pick a size that fits in your area.