Articles About Bean Bags and Bean Bag Chairs

Learning How to Control your Clutter

Learning how to control your clutter can be helpful in life.

Bean Bag Chairs' Influence on Moods

Can the color of your bean bag chair have an influence on your mood?

Bean Bag Chairs Unique Qualities

Bean bag chairs are incredibly unique pieces of furniture for several reasons, here's why.

Children's Bean Bag Chairs

Find out why Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs are the perfect furniture for kids.

What's inside your bean bag chair?

What type of materials are most common in bean bag chairs and why are ultimate Sacks different?

Why Are Bean Bags The Ultimate Gaming Chair?

If you are serious about gaming, click here to find out about the best gaming chair available today.

Bean Bags: The Ultimate Furniture

We outline several reasons why The Ultimatte Sack bean bag chairs are the ultimate in furniture for your home, dorm, or office

Comfy Sack compared to Ultimate Sack

The results of comparing the Comfy Sack to the Ultimate Sack. Read about Comfy Sack compared to Ultimate Sack. here

Comfy Sack compared to Ultimate Sack, is there even a question?

We tried to compare Comfy Sack to Ultimate Sack, but in the end, it wasn't even really that close. Read about Comfy Sack compared to Ultimate Sack. here

Comfy Sack compared to Ultimate Sack, what's the difference?

We take a look at the differences between a Comfy Sack and an Ultimate Sack, and in the end, we came out comfortably on top. Read about Comfy Sack compared to Ultimate Sack. here

The Dangers of Cheap Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs have health benefits also! These benefits include relief from mental and physical tension and less stress on the joints and muscles. While this type of furniture has a lot to offer and many benefits, cheap bean bag chairs carry a certain amount of risk. Read about The Dangers of Cheap Bean Bag Chairs here

Corporate Bean Bag Chairs

Recent studies have shown that offering non-traditional furniture choices for employees also helps improve company morale and boosts creativity. That's why so many companies have turned to bean bag chairs as their chair of choice for their offices and work place. Read about Corporate Bean Bag Chairs here

Bean Bag Chairs for Kids with Autism

Approximately 1 in 150 children in the United States are diagnosed with an autism and symptoms can range from mild to severe. Learn how bean bag chairs can help kids with autism in this article. Read about Bean Bag Chairs for Kids with Autism here

The Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs in Day Care Centers

Day care centers are a place where children can learn, play and grow. The environment in a day care center should be relaxing and inviting for children. In order to get this kind of fun atmosphere, many teachers in elementary schools and day care centers are adding bean bag chairs to their classroom. Read about The Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs in Day Care Centers here

Where to Find Bean Bag Chairs

There are a wide variety of bean bag chairs in the market today as compared to what most grown-ups remember from their childhood. Bean bag chairs are available in a wide spectrum of colors as opposed to the simple white, brown or black selections of the past. Bean bags are now created bigger, fluffier and more comfortable compared to older bean bag chair designs. Read Where to Find Bean Bag Chairs

Not Your Mom's Bean Bag Chair

Many of us remember the days when bean bag chairs had a mixed reputation. While they were trendy, comfortable and everybody wanted one, they were not without their drawbacks. The basic design of the bean bag chair was pretty simple. A big bag was filled with exceptionally small polystyrene beads and was either sewn shut or closed with a zipper. Read Not Your Mom's Bean Bag Chair

Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs

bean bag chair benefitsMediation is essential with today's fast paced, over-stressed lifestyle. When it comes to the ultimate relaxation and relief from stress, bean bag chairs are a must-have. Bean bag chairs are very useful when practicing meditation and other stress relieving exercises. Read Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs

Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Do you find yourself constantly worrying that your children or grandchildren might accidentally scratch your best furniture? Or maybe you're already hoarse from repeatedly telling them not to play on that designer couch? Well, you're certainly not alone. A lot of parents are having the same predicament. Read Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Customizable Bean Bag Chairs

Not too many things have withstood the test of time and stayed basically the same throughout the years... except bean bag chairs. Bean bag chairs have definitely outlived any fad of the '70s. They are now available in about any color and fabric imaginable. Read Customizable Bean Bag Chairs

Bean Bag Chairs: The Ultimate Way to Relax

When it comes to decorating your home, bean bag chairs can be used as a main feature in the living room, family room or in a finished basement. The versatility of bean bag chairs makes them a practical element in the rooms of modern homes. Apart from being eye-catching, bean bag chairs are great for relaxation too. The benefits associated with the use of bean bag chairs are numerous. Read Bean Bag Chairs: The Ultimate Way to Relax

A Foam Bean Bag Chair: The Ultimate Furniture

There are times when you want something different from the norm. Rather than buying new furniture at the local furniture store, it would be a lot more fun to bring in a foam bean bag chair as non-traditional approach to furnishing your home, office or apartment. Read A Foam Bean Bag Chair: The Ultimate Furniture

The History of Bean Bag Chairs

You've probably sat in bean bag chairs at some point in your life but have you ever wondered how they came about? Who invented them and when they became popular? Ultimate Sack looks back at the history of the bean bag chair. Read The History of Bean Bag Chairs

Bean Bag Uses

Bean bags are a favorite among kids, teenagers and young adults in college. A bean bag is a bag that usually made from fabric that is filled with PVC pellets or small foam pieces that are as small as a bean.

Bean bags have many uses and come in a variety of sizes. The smallest of bean bags are typically called hacky sacks. These small bean bags are about the size of a large egg. The outer cover is usually made from plastic or thick leather.

A hacky sack is usually used to play a game where the object of the game is to keep... Read Bean Bag Uses

The Amazing Benefits Of BeanBag Chairs

The Possible Hazards Of Low Quality Bean Bag Chairs

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